Is it Safe to Travel to Bogota?

Museums and galleries, a historic center, vibrant culture, and lots of good food – it must be a Bogota, the capital of Columbia. This cool city will keep Aseo y limpieza Bogota you busy with its attraction. While planning a trip to Bogota, there are few questions that come to mind. Is Colombia safe for travelers? Is there any crime scene? What precautions should I take before visiting Bogota? The answer is yes; Colombia is safe for travelers as long as you are aware of the issues.

Go through the information mentioned below and know ways to avoid any scams.

Safety tips if you are traveling to Bogota

You should let the treat disturbing your mind while visiting Bogota. The best way to do is to not be careless and go through the basic safety precautions when traveling to Bogota. Here are some of the top safety measures that you should know before visiting Bogota.

  • Be vigilant near official buildings, or in public places. These are the easy targets for attacks. You have to be aware of these places.
  • Don’t leave your food unattended; drugging food does happen. Your food gets robbed and the situations get worse.
  • Wear a t-shirt and jeans to blend in the city. Don’t look rich and dress down. Colombian people wear nice dresses; avoid wearing joggers, hiking pants, and a daggy jumper.
  • Plan your route before you head out. Two things that you must do are look less lost and don’t get lost.
  • Always carry a color copy of your password along with you, including the page with your Colombia visa. You can be asked anytime to show that. That’s why it is important to carry these to avoid any hassle.
  • Stay away from drugs as you are not a Pablo Escobar. Don’t add to the problems of the country, otherwise, you will get prisoned sometimes.
  • Fake police operate in Bogota; be aware of them. If you are not sure about them, then ask them to escort you to the nearest police station.
  • Always keep a crappy wallet with you to avoid robbery. If you get robbed, hand this wallet over to robbers. Leave your main wallet intact.
  • Don’t even think to visit the deprived areas of the town. It’s not a good idea at all; you can get in trouble.
  • Don’t use smartphones in public. Use it inside your room; there is a high chance that it gets snatched.
  • Be aware of yage or ayahuasca ceremonies. You can get carried away at the moment, but do research before, and make a reflected, informed decision.
  • Always make sure that the hotel you are choosing has good security. There is a high rate of nocturnal crime.
  • Before visiting Bogota, learn a bit of Spanish. This will help you in everything from chatting to locals to deciphering menus.

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